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Unimatic Dispenser

BP10 I Syringe Barrel I Polypropylene I Bulk Pack

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Selling Point:

  High precision on dispensing.
  Good Pressure resistant.
  Good chemical resistant.


  Made of polypropylene, high pressure resistance and chemical resistance.
  2 types materials can be selected - Clear type and UV cured resin. 
  Clear (Natural) Disposable Syringe Barrels are used for generic applications that are not sensitive to either UV or visible light wavelengths.
  Syringe barrel is used as a set with syringe adapter and controller.

Basic Information
Brand Unicontrols
Origin of Origin (COO) Japan
Sub Part AvailabilityBP05     BP05UV
BP10     BP10UV
BP30     BP30UV
BP50     BP50UV

  • Polypropylene
  • Clear
Capacity (cc)10
Dimension (mm) 18 x 105
Packing TypeBulk Pack
Loose Pack

Packing Quantity (pcs) Bulk Pack: 50
Loose Pack: 10

Product Sheet Download      BP-pdf