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LE-33-22 I Solenoid Locks , Lock when Turned On.

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Selling Points:

  Easy to operate. 
  High durability.
  Cost effective compare to electrical locks.  


  Solenoid-type electric lock (locked when turned on).
  Easy to user to operate.
  Can integrated to door access control system (sold seprately).
  High durability for high uses frequency.


  The latch stroke, retraction force and extension force values are based on horizontal installation.
  The rated voltage (continuous rating) is at a power consumption that causes the temperature of the coil to reach 65℃ when the ambient temperature is 40℃.
  When continuously energized, the solenoid becomes hot (around 70℃). If there is a risk of it being touched, measures should be taken to prevent burns with consideration given to heat radiation.
  Solenoid has no polarity (+ / -).

Basic Information
Brand Takigen
Origin of Origin (COO) Japan
Sub Parts AvailabilityLE-33-21
Type Solenoid Lock
Voltage (V) DC24V ±5%
Duty Cycle
  • 100% (continuous rating)
Withstand Voltage (V)AC1000V per minutes (AC1200V: 1second)
Ambient temperature (°C)
-5°C to +40°C
Operating humidity range
85%RH or less (non-dewing)
Consumption Power (W)3.5
Latch Extension Force (N)0.7
Size Dimension (mm) 70 x 20 x 30
Weight (gram) 133
RoHS 10
  • - Small to Medium size doors.
    - Storage Box
Product Sheet Download    LE-33-pdf

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