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C-56-C-4 I Polyacetal Magnetic Catches I Polyacetal , Rolled Steel , Neodymium

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Selling Points:

  Easy and fast installation.
  High durability compare to other material magnet catches.
   Good wear resistance.


  Simple and easy operates by user.
  Smooth and quiet when open or close door.
  High temperature resistance.
  Strong and stiffness material (polyacetal). 
  Catch plate has resin cover for increased level of cleanliness.
  Attracts with either surface A or B in diagram.
  Mounting hole is long enough and can be adjusted after installation.

Basic Information
Brand Takigen
Country of Origin (COO) Japan
Sub Part AvailabilityC-56-C-1

Type Magnet Catches
Material Magnet      : Neodymium
Catch plate: Cold rolled steel plate (SPCC)
Case          : Polyacetal (POM)
  • Transparent White color
Absorption Power (N) A side: 13 + 20%
B size: 10 + 20%
Size Dimension (mm) 50 x 10 x 10
Weight (gram) 19
RoHS 10
Application - Equipment used in clean rooms,
- Heavy-duty cabinet doors or drawers.

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