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C-30-SG-16A-EP-UL I Flame Retardant Grommets (Black Color) I Ethylene Propylene Rubber

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Selling Points:

  Easy to attach to the hole of a panel. 
  High resistant to chemical exposure and prevent degradation.
  Improved fire safety, safety environment to users. 


   Flame-retardant rubber (conforms to UL94 V-0) is used.
  Non-migrating rubber is use (No abnormalities with JIS K6267 stain test).

Basic Information
Brand Takigen
Origin of Origin (COO) Japan
Sub Parts AvailabilityC-30-SG-9A       C-30-SG-30A    C-30-SG-52A
C-30-SG-12A     C-30-SG-32A    C-30-SG-54A
C-30-SG-14A     C-30-SG-34A    C-30-SG-56A
C-30-SG-16A     C-30-SG-36A    C-30-SG-60A
C-30-SG-18A     C-30-SG-38A    C-30-SG-62A
C-30-SG-20A     C-30-SG-42A    C-30-SG-64A
C-30-SG-22A     C-30-SG-44A    C-30-SG-66A
C-30-SG-24A     C-30-SG-46A    C-30-SG-70A
C-30-SG-26A     C-30-SG-48A    C-30-SG-80A
C-30-SG-28A     C-30-SG-50A    C-30-SG-100A
C-30-SG-30B     C-30-SG-70B    C-30-SG-120A
Color AvailabilityBlack, Ivory, Green-gray
Type Grommets
Material Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM)
Hardness (°)
  • 50°±5°
Ambient Temperature (℃)
Up to 70
Size Dimension (mm) 8.5 x 23
Weight (gram) 2.5
RoHS 10
  • - Power/distribution and control boards,
  • - Measuring equipments,
  • - Industrial Machinery
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