Cancellation and Return Policy

Cancel Order or Changing Goods

Cancellation policy varies depending on the product type, and may not be accepted. Please contact our Customer Service with any requests of changing or canceling your order. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

In-Stock Goods

Request of changing or canceling orders can be accepted during normal business hours, please refer below table for cancellation/ reschedule requst. Please note that request of changing or canceling orders ON or AFTER the scheduled ship date cannot be accepted.

Delivery LocationCancellation Prior Ship Date
Courier Lead Time
Penang Island1 Day1 Day
West Malaysia3 Days1-2 Days
East Malaysia7 Days3-5 Days

Lead Time Order Goods

Lead Time Order is fullfilment order specifically for customer specific request based on manufacturer given standard lead time. Please contact Customer Service with any requests of changing or canceling the Lead Time Order, we will advise or reschedule accordingly. 

Customize Order Goods

This is special order which is customize make for customer based on required spec and NOT ALLOW to cancel once order is confirmed by us. 

Returning Goods

Returning good may be accepted under certain circumstances. Please contact Dynaseiki Customer Service on requests. Please note that shipping charge to return the goods from Client location to Dynaseiki or to the location Dynaseiki specifies is at the customer's expense.

Defect Goods Received

A manufacturing defect occurs when there is an accidental error during either the design or production of a product, causing it to not work as intended such as foreign material attached, damaged/ cut surface, unfit into,out of spec size dimension and etc. Please email Customer Service with Physical part photo, Invoice Number and brief of defect statement, we will advise the disposition accordingly. 

Wrong Products Delivered

If goods received are different from what were ordered, please contact or email Customer Service with Physical part photo, Invoices Number and brief of returning statement. We will advise the next step.

Product Return Packing

Please return the wrong part/ parcel with proper wrapping/ protection so that the part/ parcel return with good condition, otherwise the return parcel will not be refunded/ exchanged.   

* This Cancellation Policy / Returning Products are subject to change without notice.

Customer Service Information:

Office Call Line: +604-6572671
Office Fax Line: +604-6572670